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The sites below will be updated as information and time allow :-

  • The Smoking Lobby Up to date discussion forum. " is an online smoker's rights forum for both cigarette smokers and non-smokers alike to discuss fundamental individual freedoms and the right to choose whether or not to smoke."

    Article on site complains, as I have done, about the lack of co-ordination of smokers freedom/rights organisations to provide a focussed force for changing the public's perception of smokers and health risks (an essential precursor to fighting/amending the bans) and pressurising for amendment of smoking bans.

    As ever, united we stand - divided we fall......

    The antis must be laughing all the way to their (empty) smoke-free pubs/clubs!

  • Smokers Club Site This site has a wide range of information on all things to do with smoking - There is a vast index of smoking related articles. You can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter of smoking and tobacco related issues worlwide.....

  • Forest - Smokers Rights Group. Site promoting equal rights for smokers. The aim is to fight the growing intolerance of some sectors of society towards smokers and the increasing efforts to prohibit smoking, or to make it illegal."Forest" is the largest and most longstanding player in supporting smokers rights. It is partly financed by the tobacco companies, but insists it does not allow their interference.

    It has two additional linked sites:

      Taking Liberties (
      Taking Liberties was launched in March 2007. It is part blog, part diary and is closely allied to The Free Society blog which is part of their new campaign.

      The Free Society( The Free Society has been launched to give a voice to those who want less not more government interference in their daily lives.

  • Forces InternationalAn International Liberty News Network
    The Passive Smoking Myth This particular page on gives an online explanation of why the passive smoking evidence is false - you can download clip, post it on your site, or e-mail it around.

  • Smoking Section of the Official Website of Joe Jackson.

  • The Facts Explains the facts, problems and issues behind epidemiology and statistics research - by Dave Hitt. Excellent level-headed, calm and rational approach. Enormous amount of information.

  • The harsh impact of bans on smokers lives Those who celebrate the smoking bans should read this, appreciate the misery caused and try to understand why people smoke. Is this what they really intended?

  • Life and Times of a Dedicated Smoker Read this.......sound familiar?

  • New York City The Case against smoking bans.

  • The Smoking Section Home of Smokers With Attitude.
    Are you:
    "tired of the never-ending crusade to deny us the right to choose to smoke?
    tired of being harrassed by people you don't even know...even if you're in a smoking area?
    tired of being socked with higher and higher taxes, designed to punish you for choosing to smoke?
    tired of attempts to abolish smoking areas in bars and restaurants...even attempts to ban smoking outdoors?

  • Freedom to Choose - Committed to halting the erosion of individual liberties. Organisation with aim of challenging the use of fraudulent information to enact unjust legislation. Using the methods deployed in recent anti-smoking legislation as first challenge. If you are interested in retaining your future freedoms, join up!

  • Wisp of Smoke The purpose of this website is to "fill a niche in c-space for people with healthy attitudes toward themselves and others, which includes most people. Please find comfort, healthy suggestions, humor and empowerment on the pages offered here. Sadly, our lives also include very vocal people who are not so socially and psychologically fit. To counter this unhealthy influence, welcome messages are specially written for special people interested in becoming wisp-ers......"

  • My Smoking Shop Comprehensive range of cigarettes, including luxury ones, tobaccos and smoking related products. (UK)

  • McGahey Specialist Tobacconist Site of specialist tobacconist (primarily pipes and tobacco) in Exeter in South West of England. Offers good advice, broad information, on line sales, and has a question and answer forum at Ask Martin

    However, has recently curtailed its specialist cigarette lists and concentrates on pipes and tobacco.

  • The Home of Loose Tobaccos Tobaccoland has a range of loose tobaccos for rolling, also selling pipes and cigars. The prices seem reasonable and you can order online. (UK)

  • Online Cigar Merchants This cigar website stocks a wide range of cigars from Havana to Mexican. They have many Havana brands available, and if you don't find what you're looking for on their website they'll be able to order for you. (UK)

  • Cigar Aficionado All you need to know about cigars and cigar smoking!

  • ...the nexus of pipes on the net...

  • Tobacco News and Information

Please e-mail any interesting sites with relevance to "Social Smoking or Amending the Ban"

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