Extract from - The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

Response to the American Lung Association - by Sue Jeffers January 2005

Every house and senate member received a package about secondhand smoke from the American Lung Association last week; it cost them $100,000. Here I refer to the ALA, but this should include other organ and disease associations and all anti smoking advocate groups (also known as the smoke haters), especially those funded with our tax dollars.

The fact remains: NOT ONE STUDY ON SECONDHAND SMOKE HAS SHOWN STATISTICAL SCIENTIFIC SIGNIFICANCE AND THE EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STANDARD TEST OF THE MINIMUM RELATIVE RISK. The fraud, deceit, faulty science, exaggerated claims and even outright lies are used in an attempt to prohibit tobacco use on public and private property.

Over 80% of the US works under a smoke-free policy, thus options are clearly available for people to find jobs in the environment they choose. In the smokiest city in the world - Barcelona, Spain - a person who works 8 hours in a heavy smoking environment "smokes" the equivalent of 4.3 cigarettes PER YEAR. A nonsmoker "smokes" the equivalent of 1/1000 of a smoker. In my bar 92% of my staff oppose a smoking ban.

The American Lung Association tells everyone that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and health problems. They tell you secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking. They lie. The cause of lung cancer is unknown and health problems are caused by many cofactors. Cofactors include genetics, obesity, diet, exercise, race, and socio-economic status; exposure to radon, asbestos, beer, milk, and birds have been blamed as causing cancer. Heart disease alone has over 300 cofactors. Scientists in Cincinnati have located a region of DNA that sharply increases a person's risk of lung cancer.

The ALA says second hand smoke causes 3000 lung cancer deaths in nonsmokers per year. They forgot to tell you that over 60% of those deaths occurred over the age of 70, 45% were over the age of 75 and almost 17% over the age of 85. W. Nusselder. JECH (7-8-00) determined smokers lived to virtually the same age as their nonsmoking counterparts while paying higher insurance premiums and $50-75 billion in taxes. The ALA knows that 9 out of 10 heavy smokers do not get lung cancer. Could these people have just died from old age?

The first law of toxicology states the dose is the poison (or the medicine). The ALA also knows tobacco is being used to treat Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Tourette's Syndrome with enormous success. It has been shown that tobacco is more effective in treating teen ADHD than Ritalin (maybe that's why the teen smoking rate is now 29%. The ALA knows tobacco is being developed to use in case of an anthrax attack. The relative risk factor is so low for secondhand smoke that in some cases it borders on beneficial rather than harmful. Smoke contains 4,000 chemicals, while your daily diet contains 10,000. While that sounds really scary remember most of the chemicicals are measurable in units like a picogram. A single grain of salt weighs 100 picograms.

Back to those 3,000 lives lost to SHS: the EPA grossly violated their own standards of Risk Assessment Guidelines to declare second hand smoke a carcinogen. They call their meta-survey a study and initially released a much larger number BEFORE they even ran their "test" and were court-ordered to make the lie smaller. They took 31 studies (done by different authors who did not work for the EPA), threw out the data they didn't like and with the remaining 11 studies, weighted them to obtain the numbers they wanted and then doubled the standard margin of error. They STILL could not meet their own standards to determine second hand smoke causes cancer. Their computer generated number is still being published in spite of the fact it is blatantly false.

The ALA also states second hand smoke is "harming the children". That claim has been repudiated so often it is laughable. Given the correlations between other childhood illnesses, it makes one wonder how anyone lived through the 1960's.

Someone please tell the Governor that they lied about asthma too. Asthma does not have a clear cause and is thought to be a cluster of diseases. It has become the most common chronic childhood disease in the developed world over the last 30 years. This despite the fact that childhood exposure to secondhand smoke has DECREASED by almost 300%. The World Health Organization, in the second largest study ever done concerning SHS or ETS stated there is NO measurable effect from SHS on nonsmokers. ETS may irritate people with asthma but it is not the cause, because there are no allergens, protein or protein-carbohydrate complexes present in tobacco smoke to cause attacks. Other studies have shown that offspring of smokers have lower rates of asthma by 22%. Almost 77% of the children with asthma had at least one parent with asthma. Numerous clinical trials have shown that no attacks occur if children do not know they are in the presence of tobacco smoke.

Recent asthma studies include: University of Wales: Department of Epidemiology, Statistics and Public Health (2-11-04) Asthma in house dust mite sensitive patients may e caused by recurrent inhalation of live dust mites that can live in the bronchioles of the lung.

Australia's University of Sydney (August 2002) Two new studies show that many common household cleaners and appliances give off fumes which can increase the risk of developing asthma in children. This includes cleaning products, paint, furnishings, polishes and room fresheners. Indoor and household humidity also contribute.

BBC-11-2004 Asthma risk "fixed before birth." Children found with high levels of antibodies in their unbiblical cord blood at birth were 66% more likely to have a diagnosis of asthma by age 10.

While people have quit smoking in large numbers over the last 40 years, the rates of heart disease, cancer, obesity and asthma all continue to rise. The ALA continues to use the same false numbers. The smoke haters no longer believe they need to be constrained by obstacles such as science, integrity, ethics or respect for individual choice in their quest to eliminate tobacco in public and private. To add insult to injury they use our donations and tax dollars to force their social agenda, abusing the trust of the public.

Secondhand smoke will someday become known as the biggest fraud to ever be forced on the American public. Write your elected officials today and ask them to have the courage to vote no on a state smoking ban.


For original article go to Reponse to the American Lung Association - by Sue Jeffers

Susan Jeffers died of cancer in October 2012 at the age of 74. It is sad to hear that she didn't live to see her predictions about the SHS fraud become more generally accepted.
Here is an excerpt from the announcement on a breast cancer site.

"We are very sad to inform you that Susan died in the early hours of Saturday, October, 27th. She had been ill with a rare form of cancer called cancer of unknown primary (CUP) for over three years. She died peacefully and without pain, with her immediate family by her bedside.
After many rejections from publishers and agents, her most popular work "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" was published in 1987, and became one of the biggest selling self-help books of all time.
She wrote about her breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy, but hadnít made her metastatic cancer common knowledge."

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