Storm Over Mawddach Estuary

Storm brewing over Mawddach Estuary

Darkness welled o'er sea and land
While seabirds wailed prescient command,
Beyond soft silence gathered pace
As calm spread through this heav'nly place.
With stoic strength, majestic domes
Of agéd mountains, resting high,
Gave up their grandeur to the storm
As deeper sank the purpling sky.

With lightning flash, with thunder roll,
All quiet fled as Nature's soul
With pent up passion held so long,
Her power released, poured forth her song.
In wave on wave, her thund'rous tears
Washed down the land, helped quell her fears
That able, blinkered, man should deign,
To change her form and cause such pain.

At length her hurt, assuaged away,
With passions spent, the darkened day
Did lose its hold and brightness crept
Across where sea and river met.
Warm sun rekindled life's rich vein,
The mountains, cleansed, emerged again
And all of Nature's forms 'cept one
Affirmed her power, her dominion.
That one, called man, raised darkened brow
With challenge laid for when and how
To harness power, to meet his goal -
.....To break and conquer Nature's soul!


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